Question: Is it okay to show a guns serial number?

Is it bad to show my guns serial number?

Unless there is a specific purpose to posting the serial number, such as authentication of the weapon or its age, there is no purpose in it.

Is it bad to post gun serial number online?

That said, it is best to not have legible serial numbers on any firearms-related photos you post on the internet or in social media images. You may want to take the extra time to make sure that the serial numbers arent readable.

Why are serial numbers blurred?

Registered. watermarking your photos is to prevent scammers using your photos to sell a watch that they dont have. blurring serial number is to prevent multiple things.

Should you blur serial number?

If someone files an insurance claim using your serial number and reports the watch stolen, there is a risk, although relatively low, that your watch will turn out stolen, for example, if you send it in for a service. And if you can avoid this risk completely by blurring the serial number, it is probably a good idea.

Why is AP ammo illegal?

This is because this law was adopted as part of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act and was intended to regulate “cop-killer” bullets from easily concealable firearms (handguns).

Is FMJ armor-piercing?

Armour Piercing are just for use against enemies and players with body armour on. AP rounds will almost ignore armor and bulletproof helmets. FMJ rounds will break and go through bullet-resistant and bulletproof glass as if it were normal glass. As others have said, FMJ also deals higher damage on normal vehicle hits.

Why do people blur out gun serial numbers?

Because of data-mining abilities in this digital age, you may want to be mindful of posting photos of your firearms online with visible serial numbers to deter the creation of a firearms database. Technology advances may enable your gun photos to be archived and aggregated online for searching.

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