Question: How can I find a travel companion?

How do I find a fellow Traveller?

Stay in Hostels (or Join the Parties) You all always have something in common, even if its just that youre travelers to this new city. One of the best ways to meet fellow travelers is to stay in a hostel. Even if staying in a shared room isnt your taste, you can still look for private rooms in a hostel.

How do I find other solo travelers?

12 Best Apps for Solo TravelersSoloTraveller. This widely trusted app lets you make new friends on your trip by connecting you with other solo travelers in your city in real time. Backpackr. Eatwith. BonAppetour. ChefsFeed. Meetup. Travello. Tourlina.More items •23 Apr 2019

Is there an app to meet people while traveling?

Travello One of the first social media apps actually focused on meeting up with fellow solo travelers! You can do a lot with this app — discover other travelers nearby, join groups that match your interests, and match travel plans with people wholl arrive at a destination the same time as you.

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