Question: What is Slovenian known for?

Slovenia had so many hilltop fortresses in the Middle Ages, it was known as the country of castles. It is also blessed with some of the most beautiful houses of worship in Central Europe. Predjama Castle Could easily be called pre-drama for its dramatic perch tucked high inside a cliffside cave.

What is Slovenia known for producing?

The primary sources of income in the country come from the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, electrical appliances, and food processing.

What are Slovenian traits?

Generally, Slovenes describe themselves as industrious, honest, a bit jealous, good singers who enjoy a good glass of wine, perhaps a bit on the melancholic side and with a slight propensity for extremism.

Is Slovenia a cheap place to live?

Slovenia is generally less expensive than the U.S. For example, according to Numbeo, a cost-of-living data base, consumer prices in the U.S. are about 20% higher than in Slovenia, and rent prices are on average 117% higher in the U.S. Therefore, your retirement budget may stretch a lot further in Slovenia than in the

How much does a house in Slovenia cost?

Mr. Young said the average price for an existing apartment in Ljubljana in mid-2019 was 2,780 euros a square meter ($280 a square foot), while the average price for a house in the capital was about 290,000 euros ($315,000). Around the city, the average price for a house was 193,000 euros ($210,000).

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