Question: How many exes does Tom Cruise have?

The actor has THREE ex wives in total. All of the women are of course beautiful, and all of them are famous in their own right. One thing that has come to light - Tom divorced all of these women when they each turned 33.

Who has Tom Cruise had relationships with?

Tom Cruises Relationship History: A TimelineMelissa Gilbert - 1982. Heather Locklear - 1980s. Rebecca De Mornay - 1983-1985. Patti Scialfa - 1985. Cher - 1985-1986. Mimi Rogers - 1986-1990. Nicole Kidman - 1990-2001. Penelope Cruz - 2001-2004.More items •Dec 18, 2020

Who are Tom Cruises ex girlfriends?

We have more information on that below — including Toms many other romances since the 80s:Melissa Gilbert. Photo Credit: AP Images.Heather Locklear. Photo Credit: Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX.Rebecca De Mornay. Cher. Mimi Rogers. Nicole Kidman. Penélope Cruz. Katie Holmes.More items •Dec 18, 2020

How long did Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes date?

Foxx, 52, and Holmes, 41, dated from 2013 to August 2019.

Who is Brad Pitt dating now 2021?

Jennifer Aniston on Brad Pitt Relationship and Stance on Dating in June 2021.

Are Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise still friends?

The very reputable National Enquirer reports: Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx have been good friends ever since teaming up in the 2004 big screen thriller Collateral - but now a woman has come between them. And it isnt just any gal - its Toms ex-wife Katie Holmes! (thanks, were up to speed re that part).

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