Question: Who is a Virgo best friend?

Within friendships, Virgos enjoy aligning with other curious minds who appreciate lifes many nuances. Virgo will appreciate buddying up with Taurus and Capricorn: As like-minded earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn will help Virgo feel safe and grounded.

Who is Virgo friends with?

“Virgo is a 10/10 for honesty and healing,” Faulkner surmises. Because of this, they are most suited to being friends with sensitive Cancer and loyal Taurus. These signs go well together for another reason, too: Virgo expects to get what they give, and these signs usually deliver.

Who are Virgos enemies?

This takes Virgo planning, maintenance and patience. Because of these characteristics, Virgos most likely enemies are signs like Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra.

Why do Virgos have few friends?

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Virgo has a very hard time making friends because they are brash and loud-mouthed. They share their opinions freely, and if one doesnt approve, they get the shaft. When Virgo makes friends, its usually for life and its usually only one person: their best friend.

How do Virgos see others?

Virgo is very observant person. They are sensitive to how others feel, and can see things below the surface of a situation. You are never secretive or under handed. The Virgo person is generally plain - spoken and down to earth.

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