Question: Which is the most expensive area in Karachi?

Which area is best for investment in Karachi?

More commonly referred to as Gulzar-e-Hijri, the sprawling residential and commercial society of Scheme 33 is one the most popular areas for commercial investment in Karachi. It stretches all the way from Al Asif Square in Sohrab Goth to New Sabzi Mandi on the Northern Bypass.

Which city has the most expensive property in Pakistan?

According to their findings, Abbottabad has become the most expensive city in Pakistan. The Inflation Monitor records data for 40 cities and ranks them based on inflation rates on different commodities. Abbottabad witnessed the highest inflation rate during the past month.

What is best Pakistan Investment?

There are several best investment opportunities in Pakistan in different sectors, but real estate investment is at the top of the tier. The Economy of Pakistan is affected by different factors, and due to which some businesses thrive and others suffer.

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