Question: Is Bronies still a thing?

But the brony fandom is now shrinking almost as fast as it grew and conventions, including BronyCon, are shutting down. Eight years in, the novelty seems to have worn off.

When was the last BronyCon?

BronyConInauguratedJune 2011Most recentAugust 2019Attendance10,215 in 2019Filing status501(c)(3) (under Lunar Solis Corp.)7 more rows

What is up with Bronies?

Bronies is the term applied to fans of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who are not its target audience of young girls. Depending on how one defines the term brony, it may cover the broadest segment of everyone who likes MLP: FiM who isnt a preteen girl to male fans of MLP: FiM.

How much does it cost to go to BronyCon?

Tickets are $35-$50 for a single day, $80-$150 for a four-day pass. Information:

How old is Twilight 2020?

27 Twilight SparkleAge27StatusAliveBirthplaceCanterlot, North Equestria - now Outworld, Multiverse FederationPhysical description20 more rows

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