Question: How to meet beautiful bald-headed singles online?

How can I be attractive if Im bald?

How to Look More Attractive as a Bald ManGoing bald can be a rough time for any man. Hes the oaf in the story who the girl never pay attention to and always seems to be down on his luck. Jason Statham. Get A Tan. Gain Muscle. Take Care of Your Skin. Dress Rakishly. (Bonus) Think About Getting Some Tattoos.Mar 8, 2018

Who looks good with a bald head?

While there are exceptions, the shaved head looks better on tanned skin tones. If you are more a pale type, consider getting some sun exposure before (and after) going bald. This will also help avoid a noticeable colour contrast with your face, right after you get rid of your hair.

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