Question: Why is Gold Coast so popular?

Famous for its beaches, surf, theme parks, shopping, nightlife and hinterland, it has been attracting Australian families for many decades. The region has 70 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline and is fringed by rainforest hinterland, including world heritage-listed national parks.

What is great about Gold Coast?

With glorious beaches, perfect weather and a thriving entertainment and nightlife scene, who wouldnt want to be living on the Gold Coast? While the city is famous for its relaxed beachside lifestyle, there are also numerous world-class educational institutions and promising career opportunities.

What is unique about the Gold Coast?

We are the sixth largest city in Australia. Larger than two of our capital cities. We are also the most biologically diverse city home to more than 1,300 animal species and 1,700 plant species. Not surprisingly we are home to the largest professional lifeguard service in Australia.

What attracts people to the Gold Coast?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on the Gold Coast, AustraliaSurfers Paradise Beach. Surfers Paradise Beach. SkyPoint, Surfers Paradise. SkyPoint, Surfers Paradise | Phalinn Ooi / photo modified. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Coolangatta Beach. Sea World. Burleigh Heads Beach. Dreamworld. South Stradbroke Island.More items •Mar 27, 2019

Why is Australia called Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast was originally known as the South Coast (because it was south of Brisbane). However, over-inflated prices for real estate and other goods and services led to the nickname of Gold Coast from 1950. South Coast locals initially considered the name Gold Coast derogatory.

Is it safe to swim in Gold Coast?

While the Gold Coast is famous for its beaches the reality is that most of them are not great for swimming, especially for little kids. This is because most of the beaches, including the famous Surfers Paradise, have beach breaks, which means you are pounded continually by waves.

Can you swim in Gold Coast canals?

YOU LEARNT TO SWIM IN THE GOLD COAST CANALS… BEFORE SHARK PLAGUE KNOWLEDGE WAS A THING! Oh, the good old days when you could swim in the canals without worrying about getting a foot bitten off… But sharks are not the only creatures you can find — the Goldies canals also provide monsters stingrays and jellyfish.

Are there any crocodiles in Gold Coast?

Crocodiles reside in Far North Australia - not at the Gold Coast.

Is there crocodiles in Gold Coast?

There have also been several reported sightings of crocodiles in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. Crocodiles are sea-going animals and are perfectly healthy and happy far out to sea and live there for weeks or months without any problem, Mr Opit said.

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