Question: How does Wave 105 dating work in UK?

Is wave 105 dating free?

So what are you waiting for? Head to Wave 105 Dating now and sign up for free!

Is Wave 105 a dab?

Based in a studio complex at Segensworth East, on the outskirts of Fareham, the station broadcasts on 105.2 MHz (South Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and Wiltshire) and 105.8 MHz (East Dorset) FM, as well as on DAB digital radio and online.

What was played on Wave 105?

00:00. Tim Allen. The souths best variety of hits through the night. 04:00. Gary Parkers Early Breakfast. The souths best variety of hits for early risers. 05:30. Rick Jackson at Breakfast. 09:00. The Golden Hour. 10:00. Stuart McGinley. 13:00. Tony Shepherd. 16:00. Steve Power. 19:00. The Evening Golden Hour.More items

What time is Wave 105 Cash Dash?

From 7am Saturday to 6pm Sunday its all those 80s classics plus some rare nuggets you havent heard in years.

What was the golden hour today on Wave 105?

9am Win tickets on the 9am Golden Hour | Win - Wave 105.

Does DAB have radio waves?

Listen to Wave 105 on DAB Digital Radio Youll find Wave 105 on DAB in the areas below. You dont need to know any numbers: just tune it in, by name.

What radio station is Wave?

This station has more than one FM frequency in its broadcast area of Solent .Listen to Wave 105 on FM.FM105.2 MHzFM105.8 MHz

What number is Greatest Hits radio station?

To call, its 0333 20 20 402 - calls are charged at a local rate, but some providers may charge more. If youre in South Wales, you can also get us on 0333 32 32 113.

Why is UK DAB so bad?

Re: Why DAB (in the UK) is so bad Much worse - because its an older CODEC. Internet radio feeds will be using AAC or other more efficient CODECs. The only station which broadcasts on DAB with decent quality is Radio 3, and even that is -just- OK.

How can I listen to my greatest hits?

How can I listen to Greatest Hits Radio? You can find Greatest Hits Radio on your good old traditional radio - were on FM & DAB in lots of places. You can listen here on our website, download our free app for iPhone or Android, on Freeview channel 716 or ask your Smart Speaker to play Greatest Hits Radio.

What is the frequency for the hits radio?

You can listen to Hits Radio on air nationally on your digital radio, online, through our Hits Radio App and on your voice activated device by saying “Play Hits Radio”. Were also on 103FM in Manchester and on 97-108FM on the South Coast.

How can I listen to Capital FM?

All The Ways You Can Listen To CapitalOnline via Global Players Website.Via the Global Player mobile app.On Smart Speakers.Through Your TV.On DAB Digital and Radio.23 Dec 2020

What frequency is Capital UK on?

Capital Xtra is available on FM in London on 96.9 and 107.1 MHz and nationally on the Digital One DAB multiplex.

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