Question: Who is Ritvik dating?

They dated for over eight years before parting ways in the beginning of 2020. And now, if rumours are anything to go by, Rithvik is dating Monica Dogra. Recently, Rithvik took to social media to share a dance video with Monica, and it has left fans missing Asha even more.

Are Rithvik and Asha still together?

The two actors worked together in the popular serial Pavitra Rishta and were in a six-year relationship that ended last year. In a new interview, Asha said that it has been more than a year since she and Rithvik broke up, and both of them have moved on. However, they continue to wish the best for each other.

Why Ritvik and Asha broke up?

Recently, in an interview with Pinkvilla, she revealed that the two decided to part ways by mutual consent. She said though their relationship could not work out, there is no bitterness between them. They are on talking terms and share a lot of things.

Is Ritvik Dhanjani married?

He has worked in two short films Jo Hum Chahein and Aftermath Mumbai .Rithvik DhanjaniYears active2009 - presentKnown forPavitra RishtaPartner(s)Asha Negi (2013-2020)4 more rows

Who is Asha Negi married to?

Asha NegiOccupationActress DancerYears active2010–presentKnown forPavitra Rishta Nach Baliye 6 BaarishPartner(s)Rithvik Dhanjani (2013–2020)3 more rows

Does Pearl Love Surbhi?

In an interview with Pinkvilla, when Surbhi Jyoti was asked if she is dating her Naagin co-star, Pearl V Puri, she had retorted, I and Pearl are not dating each other. We are good friends with each other. But no we are not dating. He is a good friend.

Is Pearl V Puri dating Surbhi Jyoti?

Although there were many rumors in the telly industry that Surbhi Jyoti is dating her Naagin co-star Pearl V Puri and also her name was linked with Sumit Suri, who was seen in her music video Haanji. But those were all false statements, as per the media reports and she is married to her work life.

When did Pearl V Puri birthday?

July 10, 1989 (age 32 years) Pearl V Puri/Date of birth

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