Question: What did CT say to Diem on the challenge?

What did CT say about Diem?

CT posted a touching tribute to Diem on his Instagram following her death, writing, Our plan to be together forever hasnt changed its just going to take a little longer now. And Im going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again. STATUS: Married!

Which challenge did CT and Diem meet?

The Duel CT and Diem hold the record for the longest standing love story in Challenge history. After meeting on The Duel, CT fell for Diem when she bravely removed her wig for a mud challenge, fresh after a battle with ovarian cancer. The two continued their romance off the show and fell deeply in love.

Did Diem Brown win the challenge?

Although she is an experienced player and a solid athlete, Diem has never won a Challenge.

Did Derek attend Diems funeral?

CT Tamburello and Derrick Kosinski have both paid tribute to Diem Brown on social media. CT and Diem werent together at the time of her death. But he did visit her in the hospital, and he posted a special message on Instagram just before she died. “The definition of grace under fire,” he wrote.

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