Question: Who was Kimberlys boyfriend on Celebs Go Dating?

Since falling in love during her time on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, Kimberly Hart-Simpson seems to have found her happily ever after. The Welsh actress, 33, was wooed by Dreamboy Shane Finlayson, also 33, during her time on the E4 dating show last year and the couple then moved in together in Manchester.

Are Shayne and Kimberly still together?

Kimberly Hart-Simpson has confirmed that shes split up from the boyfriend she met on Celebs Go Dating. The Coronation Street star, 34, confirmed her breakup from Shane Finlayson, who shed been dating for six months, in a post shared on her Instagram Stories.

Is celebs go dating live?

Watch Celebs Go Dating online Celebs Go Dating currently airs Sundays-Thursdays nights at 9PM on E4. If youre not near a TV, you can watch episodes live as they air via the All4 E4 Live Player.

Who is Shane off Celebs Go Dating?

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson and Dreamboys performer Shane Finlayson met on the dating show and quickly developed feelings for one another. Since coming off the show, the couples romance has continued to grow and the pair have been living together at her home in Manchester.

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