Question: What kind of band is Justin Bobby Brescia in?

As for what type of band BobbyrocK is, the site describes it as alternative punk rock. In a 2015 interview with E! ahead of their first album, Brescia shared some of his influences and favorite musicians.

What band is Justin from the hills in?

BOBBYROcK We are BOBBYROcK Guitarist/Singer/Writer/Actor Justin Bobby Brescia Is Seen On The Hit MTV Show The Hills Series 1 Along With Their 2019 (New Beginnings) Reboot As A Leading Cast Member.

What does Justin from the hills do for a living?

Hairdresser TV PersonalityMusician Justin Brescia/Professions

What does Stephanie Pratt do for a living?

Actor ModelTV Personality Stephanie Pratt/Professions

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