Question: Is anyone from celebrity dating still together?

Which Celebs Go Dating couples are still together? Kimberly and Shane committed to their relationship in the final episode, with Shane saying he had fallen in love with the actress. After the show, the pair continued in a relationship and even moved in together.

Are any of the celebrity go dating couples still together?

They were the couple that nobody saw coming, but Tom Zanetti and Sophie Hermann are officially still dating in the real world and “talk every day”.

Is David still with Luke?

Ibiza Weekender star David Potts and Luke Vain are no longer together – however, the pair have remained close friends. Speaking to Reality Titbit, Luke revealed their romance was over, blaming restrictions on the couple speaking to each other outside of the show.

Are Chloe ferry and Kieran still together?

Chloe Ferry and Kieran - SPLIT Since filming the pair remain in touch but are just friends now.

Who is Joey Essex GF?

JOEY Essex put on a loved-up display with his hot girlfriend Brenda Santos in Ibiza today.

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