Question: How old is Archana from Kerala, India?

She was born in 1994 in Kerala. As of 2020, age is 27 Years old.

Is Archana a Malayali?

Archana is a half Nepali and Indian born to Malayi father and Nepali mother. Archana came into limelight and became popular for her role as Glory in the television series Ente Manasaputhri which aired on Asianet channel. She was also seen in several television serials in both Tamil and Malayalam languages.

Did Abish and Archana get a divorce?

Archana and Abhishek were married four years ago. The couple recently divorced. The actor is also a vlogger who stays away from movies. Archana is active on social media.

Is Abish still married?

Taram is married to one of the best comedians in India, Abhishek Mathew. Archana and Abhishek had known each other since childhood and when the marriage came up they initially refused but later Archana agreed to the marriage.

Where does Archana Kavi live?

Delhi Ever since the lockdown was announced, Archana Kavi has been posting candid shoots at her home in Delhi, with her parents, Jose Kavi and Rosamma, and her pet dog, Phoebe.

Is Archana a Brahmin?

Archana Chandhoke belongs to a well-settled Hindu family from Chennai, Tami Nadu, India. She is a Tamil Brahmin by caste and follows the Hinduism religion. Her fathers name is Chandhoke who is a businessman by profession. Archana Chandhokes marital status is married.

How old is Archana chandhoke?

39 years (July 2, 1982) Archana Chandhoke/Age

Where is Abish Mathew from?

Noida, India Abish Mathew/Place of birth

Who is Archana Kavi married to?

Abish Mathewm. 2016 Archana Kavi/Spouse

What is the age of Archana Bigg Boss?

38 Years Bio/WikiPersonal LifeDate of Birth2 July 1982 (Friday)Age (as of 2020)38 YearsBirthplaceChennai21 more rows

Is Archana single?

She got married to Cdr Vineet Muthukrishnan, a serving officer in the Indian Navy, in May 2004. The couple have a daughter, Zaara, born in May 2007.

Who is VJs sister?

Anita Chandhoke is the sister of Archana Chandhoke. Archana Chandhoke is a Bigg Boss 4 contestant and a Tamil anchor .Anita Chandhoke Photos, Videos.Personal InformationFamilyFather: Rakesh Lal Mother: Nirmala Lal Sister: VJ Archana (Anchor)–Husband NameArjun C.RChildrenSon: 158 more rows•4 May 2021

How old is Tanmay Bhat?

34 years (June 23, 1987) Tanmay Bhat/Age

What is the age of Rohan Joshi?

38 years (February 22, 1983) Rohan Joshi/Age

What is the age of Deepa?

Deepa Shankar Wikipedia/BioReal NameDeepa ShankarZodiacCancerPhysical StatusAge33 Years OldHeight4 Feet 12 Inches (approx)27 more rows•25 Jun 2021

Anita Chandhoke is the sister of Archana Chandhoke. Archana Chandhoke is a Bigg Boss 4 contestant and a Tamil anchor. Anita Chandhoke and Archana Chandhoke are having one YouTube channel named Wow Life.

What is the age of anchor Archana?

38 Years Bio/WikiDate of Birth2 July 1982 (Friday)Age (as of 2020)38 YearsBirthplaceChennaiZodiac signCancer21 more rows

Is Tanmay Bhat Laddu?

Initially, there were rumours stating that the younger version of Hrithik Roshan aka Laddoo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was played by Tanmay Bhatt. The mills tuned out to be baseless when several reports brought to light that Kavish Majmudar played the little plumpy character of Laddoo in the movie.

Why was AIB banned?

The decision has been taken because there was “no incoming revenue and operational costs were piling up”, AIB said in a statement. AIBs other co-founder, Gursimran Khamba, was being investigated by an external committee for sexual harassment charges levelled by a former partner.

Is Rohan Joshi Gujarati?

Cut to Rohan Joshi, 28, whos a half- Gujarati and half-Maharashtrian and takes potshots at both communities on stage.

Are Rohan and Shaheen dating?

Comedian Rohan Joshi who is also the boyfriend of Alia Bhatts sister Shaheen Bhatt has gone offline after deactivating his twitter account due to hate being spread against the Bhatt family and him getting involved in them.

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