Question: Is Indian Cupid safe?

Whats good about Indian Cupid is that being an Indian is not a requirement! You can come from anywhere across the globe who is simply interested in meeting an Indian partner. Being one of the Cupid Media sites, Indian Cupid employs fraud prevention system and random user checks to ensure the security of the members.

Is Indian Cupid legit?

IndianCupid is exceptionally safe. Like any other Cupid Media platform, it strives to provide a secure environment for its users.

How do I delete my IndianCupid account?

How can I delete my Indian Cupid profile? One can delete their profile by going to settings and deleting the account under My Account.

Is Cupid app real? is owned by a legitimate company with legal rights to operate a dating website. Also, the site has been around since 2002, which proves its legitimacy.

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