Question: Is there a league of legends dating sim?

The game is called Valorant: Agents of Romance, and its premise stems from League of Legends previous Spirit Blossom festival, which included some dating sim-like elements – that is, you could interact with some of Leagues champions and forge bonds with them.

Is Spirit Blossom a dating sim?

You may have heard about the new Spirit Blossom event for League of Legends, and you may or may not be surprised to know that its really just a front for a League dating sim. The Spirit Blossom event runs from July 22 to Aug. 24 and during this time you can take advantage of the Spirit Bonds questlines.

What is Spirit bonds League of Legends?

Spirit Bonds is League of Legends own “mini visual novel” allowing players to meet champions (or spirits) and earn their favor through time spent on the Rift.

Is Valorant a simulation?

Valorant is broadening its game universe with a new upcoming expansion “Agents Of Romance”. The dating simulation set in the Valorant universe is set to feature all aspects of a traditional dating sim. It will release on PC sometime 2021.

What does giving petals do League of Legends?

Once at that rank, they can progress to special missions tied to the Spirit Tree. Completing these missions grants players with spirit petals, which can go towards their S-Rank champion. After earning spirit petals, players receive a unique emote and an unbreakable bond with their champion.

Is spirit blossom Kindred a child?

Spirit Blossom Kindred In the Ionian tradition, the Kindred are interpreted as a child and her beastly companion, endlessly playing games with one another until they are called to perform their duties.

Are any Valorant agents dating?

Valorant: Agents of Romance will be Riot Games first full game in the dating sim genre. This is following the success of League of Legends Spirit Blossom event, which featured dating sim components that delighted fans around the world.

What do I do with spirit petals?

A spirit petal is a special crafting material that can be used as one of the ingredients to craft the Petal Wand and the Petal Belt. It can also be donated to the Wind Shrine to be able to get a chance to obtain Windy Bee or a star treat when donating cloud vials (The Star Treat can only be

Can you get more than 5 split petals?

To earn the maximum of five petals, it will take 92 games at optimal conditions (using a Spirit Blossom skin every game) and approximately 200 games at regular conditions (213 games when never using a Spirit Blossom champ or skin).

How many spirit petals can you get bee swarm?

three Its description reads, A delicate flower petal used in rituals. All three of the spirit petals are given from Spirit Bear, each after completing 10 of her quests .Wiki Targeted (Games)ExpandToolsGliding ToolsParachute • Glider2 more rows

How do you gain favor spirit bonds?

You can earn favor by honoring a champion simply by playing as them, as well as playing with their Spirit Blossom skins! For example, if you wish to earn some extra favor with the Nine-Tailed Fox, then youll be able to play as Ahri. Just remember that playing as a champion will only earn bonus favor for that champion.

Is Star Guardian ahri legendary?

Ahri is a legendary skin tentatively priced at 1820 RP, while the others are tentatively priced at 1350 RP. The skins all come with new particles, sound effects, models and recalls.

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