Question: How can you tell if shes a gold digger?

What does it mean when someone calls you a gold digger?

gold-digger. noun. a person who prospects or digs for gold. informal a woman who uses her sexual attractions to accumulate gifts and wealth or advance her social position.

How do you stop a gold digger?

4 ways to avoid attracting gold diggersChoose the right places to meet potential partners. Photo: Pexels. Test the waters by refusing to spend money on them. via GIPHY. Spot differences between their background story and lifestyle. Photo: 123rf. Dont mistake entitled behaviour for gold digging.Aug 16, 2017

Whats the opposite of gold-digger?

What is the opposite of gold-digger?idealistromanticdreamervisionaryutopianromanticistsentimentalistfantastromancerfantasist2 more rows

Is calling someone a gold-digger?

A gold digger is a person who has a relationship with someone who is rich in order to get money or expensive things from them.

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