Question: What are some of the problems that may arise from having a romantic relationship at work?

What problems can arise from dating in the workplace?

Relationships between employees often cause problems for businesses: favoritism, harassment lawsuits, conflicts of interest, gossip, toxic work environments… things can get ugly in a hurry when a relationship turns sour. Plus, office romance can land a company in the headlines for inappropriate relationships.

What is the potential impact of a romantic relationship at work?

Workplace romance may result in conflicts of interest, biased decision making and other inequities that negatively affect the performance, should the romance terminate (Mainiero, 1989) or be extramarital( Riach and Wilson, 2006).

What are the disadvantages of workplace romance?

The biggest disadvantage of workplace romance is that your personal life is no longer personal; it becomes the business of the entire office. Rumor of your romance gets in the air and suddenly your love life becomes the hot gossip of every person.

What is the negative effect of romantic relationship?

Breakups in romantic relationships were an important factor in producing the negative emotional and behavioral consequences. Romantically involved girls experienced higher levels of depressive symptoms, while romantically involved boys had higher levels of externalizing behaviors, compared to their non-dating peers.

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