Question: Does Joey marry Pacey?

Joey and Paceys feelings for one another become apparent again in season 6. In the Dawsons Creek series finale, while takes place years after the events of season 6, Joey once again has to choose between Pacey and Dawson. She ultimately chooses Pacey.

What episode does Joey and Pacey get married?

A Perfect Wedding A Perfect Wedding is the 18th episode of Season 2 of Dawsons Creek.

Does Joey and Pacey get married?

Joey and Pacey have known each other as kids and at 15 have a bantering love/hate relationship. Joey and Pacey move in together at Joeys apartment in New York, marry and have children.

Who gets married at the end of Dawsons Creek?

Although it takes time for Gail and Dawson to pick up the pieces after Mitchs death, they find ways to carry on. Five years later, Gail gets re-married to another man. Its a fitting ending that Gail finds happiness again.

Who does Dawson end up with in the end?

On Dawsons Creek, Dawson ends up with Steven Spielberg — sort of. In the end, when Joey is faced with finally choosing between Dawson, her childhood best friend, and Pacey, the boyfriend from her teen years, she doesnt choose Dawson. Instead, she tells him he is her soulmate and they agree to always be friends.

Did Jen ever date Pacey?

The two spend time together in Capeside while Jen is hospitalized. Following Jens death, they admit that things have kept them apart over the years, but they realize that theyre still in love with each other.

Did Joey sleep with Pacey?

But when do Joey and Pacey finally sleep together? Though the pair officially get together in Season 3 of Dawsons Creek, they actually dont sleep together until season 4. In Episode 14 called “A Winters Tale,” the pair go on their senior class trip and share a room together which leads to them sleeping together.

Did Jen sleep with Pacey?

6 Jen And Pacey Sleep Together In Season 3 While Jen and Pacey only sleep together once (thankfully realizing that this was the worst idea ever), its really strange to remember this storyline. This plotline was a mistake, thats for sure.

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