Question: Do relationships last in college?

If youve ever found yourself asking if college relationships can last past graduation, youre definitely not alone. The truth is, according to Facebook Data Sciences, that some of them do. In fact, Facebook Data Sciences reports that 28 percent of married college graduates attended the same school.

Can relationships survive college?

Some relationships can survive just about anything, including whatever college can throw your way. Many couples choose to stay together after graduation, but staying with your high school sweetheart during college is no simple task. Its a change for the better, no matter what happens to the relationship.

What should I do if my girlfriend goes to college?

Give him space. Unlike in high school, couples will not see each other in-between classes, in the hall or at lunch. Make time to see each other. While you may not see each other every day, set aside times to spend with one another. Meet his or her new friends. Accept change. Know when to let go.

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