Question: What can you do in Perth with your boyfriend?

What do people in Perth do for fun?

20 free or cheap things for locals to do in PerthGo snorkelling. See the stars. Hit a hiking trail. Take a bike ride. Get up close and personal with sea creatures. Be a tourist for a day. Explore a national park. Go stand-up paddle boarding.More items

What is Perth known for?

Facts about Perth, WAPerth is the capital of Western Australia. The state of Western Australia (WA) is almost the size of Western Europe. Perth is famous for its climate. Perth sits on the Swan River and Indian Ocean. Murdoch University is close to the city centre. Perths location in Australia and the world.

What to do in Perth thats free?

Join me as I guide you through free things to do in Perth.Kings Park botanic gardens walk. Movies in Northbridge Piazza. Coastal walks. Fremantle Markets. Dolphin watch on the swan river. Hike up to Kings Park. Enjoy scenic lookouts. Take a photo at the giant cactus.More items •Feb 20, 2020

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