Question: What is an example of opposites attract?

The most common example being the romantic inclination of opposite nature people. Opposites attract means someone completely opposite to you, more often than not, piques your interest. The heart always wants to explore the unexplored, something which is different. That is one of the primary laws of attraction.

What theory states that opposites attract?

The continuum of self theory suggests that all people are consciously and unconsciously attracted to romantic partners who have an opposite, but proportionally balanced, self-orientation.

What does opposites attract mean in science?

Every magnet has a north and a south pole. Two like poles will repel each other but opposites attract. The force between magnets depends on the separation distance and the flux density (magnetic strength) of the magnets used.

Why are people attracted to their opposites?

Theres usually a reason why people may be attracted to their opposite. According to clinical psychologist John Mayer, PhD, author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, youre attracted to your opposite because they have some qualities that you feel you kinda suck at.

What are some examples of opposites?

40 common opposites in EnglishBigSmall / LittleFatThin / SkinnyFullEmptyGoodBadHappySad35 more rows

Why opposites attract is wrong?

Many relationship experts write that people seek partners whose traits complement their own. Its a myth that opposites attract, says Matthew D. “There is essentially no research evidence that differences in personality, interests, education, politics, upbringing, religion or other traits lead to greater attraction.”

What law says opposites attract?

law of diminishing returns When our law of opposite attraction has become the law of diminishing returns. Picture a line drawn on the floor. We want to improve our relationship but the action we take when focused on ourselves is trying to pull the other person over the line to be more like us.

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