Question: What is destiny companion app?

The official Destiny 2 Companion app keeps you connected to your Destiny adventure wherever life takes you. Sign in using PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and Stadia. DIRECTOR - See the latest featured content. Track your progress towards bounties, quests, and challenges.

How do you use the destiny companion app?

Just pull up the stickers section of iMessage when youre chatting with someone and click the App Store icon. At the top of the screen, youll see this section labeled “manage.” From here, just turn on the Destiny 2 app and youll be ready to send Guardians and Ghosts to all your friends!

Is there a destiny 1 companion app?

The Destiny Companion is available on both and as a Mobile App on select mobile devices.

What bounties give the most XP?

Best XP Farm in Destiny 2: Bounties & ChallengesSourceLocationBase XPSpider Daily (x4)Tangled Shore1,000Gunsmith Weekly challenge Complete 8 Gunsmith bountiesTower12,000Vanguard Weekly challenge Complete 8 Gunsmith bountiesTower12,000Crucible Weekly challenge Complete 8 Gunsmith bountiesTower12,00043 more rows•28 Jul 2021

What gives you the most XP in Destiny 2?

XP Farming methods: What are the best ways to farm XP in Destiny 2?Gunsmith bounties (using specific weapons) from Banshee-44 in the Tower.Playlist-specific bounties (Gambit, Crucible, Strikes) from their respective vendors in the Tower.Destination-specific bounties from their respective vendors.More items •9 Feb 2021

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