Question: Can you still buy a Remington rifle?

Since Remington was sold and its assets divided among new owners, every Remington is now a limited edition. One year ago you could buy a used Remington 700 bolt-action rifle in any configuration for a decent price, excluding highly desirable calibers that were no longer in production.

Does Remington still make rifles?

The future of Remington guns has been uncertain since the company was split up and sold off last fall. After obtaining a Federal Firearms License in January of this year, Roundhill announced plans to reopen the factory in Ilion, the town where Remington guns have been made since Eliphalet Remington founded E.

Are Remington 700 rifles still being made?

Back then, brand loyalty was strong. So strong that at age 14 when I bought my first Remington Model 700, my mother refused to talk to me. Remington Outdoor Company filed bankruptcy in mid 2020, and as of right now Remington firearms are not being produced.

Can I buy a gun directly from Remington?

Can I buy direct? Remington does not sell ammunition direct at this time. We are proud to offer a wide selection of Remington accessories and merchandise available for direct purchase.

Does Remington still make a semi auto rifle?

The Remington Model 7400 is a series of semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Remington Arms .Remington Model 7400ManufacturerRemington ArmsProduced1981-2004SpecificationsMass7.5 lb (3.4 kg)10 more rows

Who bought Remington Arms in 2020?

In Apr. 2021, the New York plant resumed production under new owners Roundhill Group, which bought it in 2020. Roundhill Group was one of seven buyers in Remingtons bankruptcy sale.

Is the Remington 870 discontinued?

Remington has endured some long-standing financial troubles. The more than 200-year-old company entered bankruptcy and was sold off in blocks in 2020. The 870 Wingmaster and Express are both still fine pumps, but with Remington in limbo, theres an opening for another manufacturer to dominate the pump gun market.

Has Remington stopped making ammunition?

The lack of consistent production at the Remington ammo plant is considered one of the elements in the perfect storm of supply chain issues that have plagued the ammo market through 2020 and into 2021. I am sick and tired of not being able to find Remington ammunition on the shelves, he said. We are fixing that.

Is the Remington 750 discontinued?

The Remington Model 750 was a semi-automatic rifle and successor to earlier semi-automatic rifles Remington Model 740, Remington Model 742 and Remington Model 7400. Production began in 2006 and discontinued in 2015.

Why is the Remington 870 so popular?

As mentioned before, the Remington 870 is also popular because its highly versatile. Whether you need a sport shotgun or a tactical weapon, the market is flooded with after-market accessories to pimp out your 870. Some have hardwood stocks, some have a synthetic stock, and most gauges of shotgun shells are covered.

Are Remington 1100 Good guns?

A used Remington 1100 is an excellent choice for clay pigeon practice or competition for the budget. Recoil is somewhat lower due to the gas system and lower recoil really helps when youre firing many boxes of shotshells in a day.

Why cant I find rifle ammunition?

There is no shortage of guns and ammo โ€” we are manufacturing more than ever. [The problem] is actually a massive increase in demand, on an unprecedented scale. Supply can simply not keep up with demand.โ€ Large manufacturers such as Vista Outdoor are experiencing the same challenges related to supply and demand.

Why is there a ammo shortage 2020?

NSSF officials say the shortages are the result of a combination of booming demand caused mostly by the COVID 19 lockdowns and social unrest. Oliva said that a record 21 million firearms background checks for gun sales were conducted by the FBI in 2020 โ€“ including 8.4 million for first-time gun buyers.

Is the Remington 750 a good rifle?

The Remington 750 Woodsmaster is one of the best-looking hunting rifles ever made. Compared to previous models such as the 740, 742, and 7400, this gun features an updated buttstock to meet modern standards. The gun also features a custom black pistol grip cap to improve the shooters hold of the gun.

When did Remington stop making the 750?

2015 Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Remington Model 750 was a semi-automatic rifle and successor to earlier semi-automatic rifles Remington Model 740, Remington Model 742 and Remington Model 7400. Production began in 2006 and discontinued in 2015.

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