Question: How do you date vintage Gretsch drums?

The Gretsch Round Badge was used for many years, so the best way to date Vintage Gretsch drums is to look at the interior of the shells. Natural or Silver sealer, then we can look at the number of plys in the shell. Finally if they have paper tags or not on the inside.

When did Gretsch drums come out?

1883 Gretsch DrumsProduct typeDrum kits and hardwareCountryUnited StatesIntroduced1883MarketsWorldwideWebsitegretschdrums.com2 more rows

How can you tell how old a Slingerland drum is?

The drum badge is one of the easiest ways to accurately date a Slingerland drum. The shape of the badge is a great identifier. From 1928-1948, Slingerland used metal badges with a more floral shape. In 1949 they switched to round badges in solid metal colors.

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