Question: Is Carnival cruise LGBT friendly?

Carnival Cruise Line Promoting inclusive cruising for those in the LGBTQ+ community, onboard youll find: Same-sex marriages with official ceremonies at ports of call and symbolic ceremonies while at sea. Gay and Lesbian meetups, sometimes referred to as Friends of Dorothy meetups.

Do people party on cruises?

Wondering which cruise line is best for partying? Well, we found it. Carnival Cruises are hands-down the way to go for those seeking a tried-and-true cruise party experience. For starters, the cruise line has its own DJ academy thats run by famous Las Vegas and Miami DJs.

Which Carnival ship is best for adults?

Best Overall: Carnival Glory Built in 2003, the 2,980-passenger Carnival Glory is one of Carnivals older but well-loved ships, and while parts of Glory show its age, refurbishments have helped maintain its appeal.

What is the newest Carnival ship 2020?

Mardi Gras Carnival Cruise Lines giant new ship, the Mardi Gras, will begin sailing from Port Canaveral in October 2020, with a range of seven-day Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises.

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