Question: Who is Charlotte crosbys boyfriend?

Charlotte Crosby has been dating boyfriend Liam Beaumont for just over a year after exclusively confirming to heat that she was seeing someone new back in April 2019.

What does Liam Beaumont do?

Geordie Shore original Charlotte and globe-trotting videographer Liam have been together since early 2020, with him moving up to the North East with the Sunderland born reality star at the end of the first lockdown.

Is Charlotte Crosby single 2021?

Charlotte Crosby has confirmed she is single again following her split from boyfriend Liam Beaumont. However, on Thursday Charlotte denied those claims and revealed their 18-month romance ended on good terms.

Who is Charlotte Crosby dating 2021?

Shes been notoriously unlucky in love in the past, but after meeting boyfriend Liam Beaumont last year, Charlotte Crosby is keen to start a family.

Why did Josh end Charlotte?

CHARLOTTE Crosby and Joshua Ritchie split because he didnt want to settle down, it has been claimed. Their two-year relationship ended earlier this month, with Charlotte admitting the relationship had broken down. Charlotte, 29, had recently moved from Newcastle to set up home with 25-year-old Josh in Bolton.

Is Gary and Emma still together?

Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle has married his long-term partner Emma McVey. The couple, who share 3-year-old son Chester and 1-year-old daughter Primrose, recently tied the knot at Merrydale Manor in front of 90 guests.

Are Chris and Jenna from the block still together?

Chris and Jenna: Still together Renovates. Kitchen Designers.

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