Question: Who is the richest scammer in Nigeria?

Emmanuel Nwude Odinigwe (popularly known as the Owelle of Abunuga) is a Nigerian advance-fee fraud artist and former Director of Union Bank of Nigeria.

Who is the richest Yahoo boy?

Ray HushPuppi – $480,200,000 The richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria goes by the name of Ray HushPuppi. HushPuppi can be regarded as the richest Yahoo boy in 2020. Ray does not hide his riches but flaunts them on social media. This unexplained wealth led to unexplained fame.

Who is the top 10 richest kid in Nigeria?

Top 10 Richest Kids In NigeriaMompha Junior _$1 Million Dollar. Mompha Junior. Emmanuella Samuel $150 dollar. Emmanuella. Amarachi Uyanni $96,000 dollars. Amarachi Uyanni. DJ Young Money $55,557 dollars. Ozzy Bosco $55,500. Ahmed Star Boy $27,700 dollars. Shegun Wire $25,000 dollar. Egypt Ify Ufele $25,000 dollar.More items •26 Jul 2021

Who is the richest Nigerian 2020?

Aliko Dangote 2020NameCitizenshipNet worth (USD)Aliko DangoteNigeria8.3 BillionMike AdenugaNigeria5.7 BillionAbdul Samad RabiuNigeria3.1 BillionOrji Uzor KaluNigeria2.8 Billion

Who is the richest kid ever?

The richest kid in the world is Prince George Alexander Louis who is worth approximately $1 billion dollars as of today.

Who is the richest kid Nigeria?

His net worth is estimated at around ₦150 million. At such staggering net worth, he is obviously the richest kid in Nigeria .1. Mompha Junior - Net worth of ₦150 million.RankingRichest kidsNet Worth (₦)1.Mompha Junior₦150 million2.Ahmed Star Boy₦65 million3.DJ Young Money₦61 million7 more rows•11 Jan 2021

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