Question: Is Arranged marriage legal in Vietnam?

First, for the first time in Vietnamese history, arranged marriages were abolished, and both men and women were granted the freedom to make their own decisions. Second, polygamy was declared illegal, and monogamy was adopted as the official form of Vietnamese marriage.

Is Arranged Marriage common in Vietnam?

The incidence of arranged marriage is likely to have declined significantly in recent years in Vietnam because of expansion of education and improved labor market opportunities, among other things.

Article 4. It shall be deemed as unlawful any act of underage marriage, forced marriage or impeding voluntary and progressive marriage, pressing for portion, or forcing a person into divorce. A person being married shall not be allowed to marry another, or to live with another as husband or wife.

In what countries is arranged marriage legal?

Here are six places in the world where practicing arranged marriages is traditional.India. Giphy. With roots as early as the Vedic period, (approximately 1500 –1100 BCE) arranged marriages have deep roots in Indian culture. Korea. Giphy. Japan. Giphy. Pakistan. Giphy. Bangladesh. Best Animation. China. Giphy.Feb 5, 2019

Is it easy to get a wife in Vietnam?

It is very easy to find a wife in Vietnam, but as other posters have said, Be very careful. There are indeed lots of gold diggers. You are likely to be swamped with offers to be your girlfriend. Dont rush, take your time and find some one whom you really get along with.

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