Question: How do I decode an Ibanez serial number?

How do I read my Ibanez serial number?

Number also indicates month of manufacture, with the sequence incrementing to the next multiple of 5,000 each month, as follows:00001–05000 = January.05001–10000 = February.10001–15000 = March.15001–20000 = April.20001–25000 = May.25001–30000 = June.30001–35000 = July.35001–40000 = August.More items

What do Ibanez serial numbers mean?

The first 2 digits represent the year (77=1977) The last 4 digits are the consecutive production number for that month. ( 0544) Serial number G770544 is therefore the 544th guitar built in July 1977. Most Ibanez models with this serial number format are made by FujiGen Gakki and Terada.

How old is Ibanez?

IbanezNative nameアイバニーズFounded1957 in Nagoya, JapanHeadquartersNagoya, Aichi , JapanArea servedWorldwideProductsElectric, acoustic, resonator & classical guitars Electric & acoustic basses Amplifiers Ukuleles Banjos Mandolins Effects units5 more rows

What is the head of a guitar?

headstock HeadEdit. The headstock lies at the end of the guitars neck. The purpose of the headstock is to support the tuners, which terminates the strings of the instrument. The tuners are attached to tuning pegs and this allows the guitarist to lower or raise the pitch of the string.

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