Question: How many tinder matches are successful?

5. 95% of Tinder matches meet within 2 to 7 days of matching. A study by shows that 95% of Tinder matches meet within a week after matching. A not so expected find was also that 85% couples that met through Tinder say “I love you” within the first year of dating.

How many matches does the average person get on Tinder?

Matches. I received a total of 290 matches — an average of 2.5 matches per day. This means that approximately 1.75% of my swipes will result in matches, and approximately 3.7% of my likes. On any given day, I received between 0 and 10 matches.

How many men are successful on Tinder?

Tinder Success Rate This means that if youre a girl using Tinder, youve got a 1 in 2 chance of getting a match, while if youre a guy, your chances are just 1 in 5. Interestingly enough, homosexual men have more than double the chances – the success rate for them is about 35%.

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