Question: Who is Dj Zinhle from black motion dating?

Who is DJ Zinhle dating now?

DJ Zihles boyfriend The award-winning DJ is in a happy relationship with Bongani Mohosana, popularly known as Murdah Bongz. His lucky man is a successful South African musician and producer. The two have a close bond and always express the love they share on their respective social media accounts.

Is DJ Zinhle dating black motion?

Bongani Mohosani, known by his stage name MurdahBongz is definitely a spoiled man right now. The DJ, who is one half of Black Motion has reportedly been dating DJ Zinhle for much of this year and although neither of them have publicly admitted it, their romance has been clear for most of Mzansi to see.

Who is Brendon Naidoo?

Brendon Naidoo is a wealthy South African businessman known who is to have an expensive taste in clothes, watches, booze, travel, and all the finer things in life. He is famously referred to as Mr. Bond because of his love for wearing suits.

How old is DJ Zinhle?

37 years (December 30, 1983) DJ Zinhle/Age

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