Question: How old do you have to be to use a dating app on Facebook?

Facebook users must be 18 years or older (according to their profile) to access Facebook Dating.

Do you have to be 21 for Facebook Dating?

Now Facebook users in the United States can officially use the social network as a dating service—complete with specialized profiles, a matchmaking algorithm, and more. Facebook Dating, which began rolling out in other countries last year and launches in the US today, gives users ages 18 and up access to a suite of

Do you have to be 18 for Facebook Dating?

Facebook Help Team However, Facebook Dating is only available for people over 18 years or older.

What are the requirements for Facebook Dating?

You can access Dating from your current Facebook account on the Android or iPhone apps. Facebook Dating is for adults 18+ who have a Facebook account in good standing. Dating isnt currently available to everyone.

Will friends know Im dating on Facebook?

Choice and Control: Facebook Dating is a dedicated space within the Facebook app, and we wont share your dating activity to your Facebook profile or News Feed. You control who on Facebook can see your Dating profile. Also, your Facebook friends wont know youre using Dating unless you choose to tell them.

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