Question: What can happen if you or your partner has a poor credit score?

Marrying a person with a bad credit history wont affect your own credit record. You and your spouse will continue to have separate credit reports after you marry. However, any debts you take on jointly will be reported on both your and your spouses credit reports.Marrying a person with a bad credit history wont affect your own credit record

What happens if your partner has a low credit score?

If your partner has a poor credit score, it can make it more difficult for you to jointly qualify, or you may potentially have to pay much higher interest rates. Credit scores are an indicator of how a person manages their debts, Griffin says.

Can bad credit affect partner?

Your spouses credit history wont hurt, change or erase your credit score or credit history. So if you have a glowing credit history, you wont automatically be harmed by marrying someone with a poor credit rating. That said, marriage is about building a future together.

How can I find out if my partner is in debt?

If you think your partner has a problem with debt, there are a few key signs to look out for:They dont want to discuss money. Your partner is withdrawn, anxious or depressed. Reluctance to stick to a budget. They show signs of having addictions. They dont open letters in front of you.More items •Nov 16, 2018

Does my husbands debt become mine?

In common law states, debt taken on after marriage is usually treated as being separate and belonging only to the spouse who incurred them. The exception are those debts that are in the spouses name only but benefit both partners.

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