Question: Is Romeo older than Paris?

Paris is older in age but Romeo is older in life and maturity. Romeo is older in life because hes a married man and has been through more. Romeo was sure of what he needed to do when Juliet was dead and there were no other options for him.

How old is Paris in Romeo?

In Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, Paris is thought to be almost twice Juliets age, which can be estimated as anywhere from 25 to 29 because Juliet

How old were Romeo and Juliet originally?

In this work, Juliet is a young girl of 16, while Romeo is somewhat older. Shakespeare cuts three years off Juliets age to make her the tender age of 13: as Old Capulet says to Paris, she hath not seen the change of fourteen years.

Are Paris and Romeo related?

Count Paris or also referred to as County Paris, is a suitor of Juliet. He is related to Prince Escalus, the Prince of Verona. This family includes the Prince, Count Paris, and Mercutio (Romeos best friend. This family truly acts as the peacemakers as Mercutio is Romeos best friend and Count Paris is to marry Juliet.

Does Paris really love Juliet?

Even though Pariss love for Juliet was seen as a mere affection for her beauty and Paris had planed to marry Juliet through an arranged marriage, but as the play gets to and end it is show that Paris truly did love Juliet.

Does Paris want to marry Juliet?

In Act IV, scene i, Paris explains to Friar Laurence his rush to marry Juliet. He says its because she is grieving too much over her cousin Tybalts death. Of course, Paris has wanted to marry Juliet since the beginning of the play, so this reasoning about haste may well be a rationalization.

Who finds Juliet dead?

The Nurse finds Juliet, apparently dead. Hearing the commotion the Nurse makes, Capulet and Lady Capulet enter, horrified to find their daughter in such a state. Then Friar Lawrence and Paris arrive to fetch the bride for the wedding, and everyone grieves her loss.

Why did Juliet not marry Paris?

Lord Capulet is sad that Juliet never married Paris because he thinks that it would have made her happy. Lady Capulet acts as Paris. Lord Capulet promises Paris that the wedding will be on Thursday. Lady Montague acts as Juliet and Lord Montague acts as Romeo.

Who Killed Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo Pariss page runs off to get the civil watch. Romeo kills Paris. As he dies, Paris asks to be laid near Juliet in the tomb, and Romeo consents. Romeo descends into the tomb carrying Pariss body.

How old is Lord Montague?

Montague Lord M., Lady M., Romeo, Benvolio (Romeos Cousin) He is a Montague who is around sixteen years old. He is impulsive, immature, and passionate. He married his wife when she was 13.

What were Romeos last words?

Romeo opens the crypt and is shattered as he finds what he believes to be the corpse of his beloved. His final words, as he consumes a lethal drug, are as follows: Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide!

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