Question: What are the Hensel twins doing now?

Brittany and Abby currently work as fifth-grade teachers at a school district in Minnesota. On the first day of class, the Hensel twins have an open forum where kids can ask any questions they may have.

Do the Hensel twins have a career?

After four years of hard work, the twins graduated in 2012 with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. Their degrees opened up a variety of opportunities, but they had to decide on a single career. Although they are two individuals, they share a single body.

Do Abby and Brittany Hensel have husbands?

Is Abby and Brittany married? Contrary to the rumours about Abby and Brittany Hensel wedding that have been circulating, the conjoined twins are not yet married. Both of them are hopeful that they will one day have their perfect love story.

What happened to the girl with two heads?

An infant girl born with a second head bled to death Saturday following complex surgery in which doctors removed the partly formed twin that had threatened her brain, her parents and doctors said.

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