Question: What is r relationship?

In statistics, we call the correlation coefficient r, and it measures the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables on a scatterplot. The value of r is always between +1 and –1.

What are D relationships?

Cohens d is a measure of relationship strength (or effect size) for differences between two group or condition means. It is the difference of the means divided by the standard deviation. Pearsons r is a measure of relationship strength (or effect size) for relationships between quantitative variables.

How bad is Reddit?

Second, Reddit is a site made by and for adults, and as such, theres an incredible amount of inappropriate content. While there is some moderation, the sheer volume of content means that almost anything can be found, including pornography, violent material, hate speech, and suicide tips.

How does a post get to r all?

The highest voted posts appear at the top of the community in which they were posted. If they receive a LOT of upvotes they will end up on the catch-all community (not really a community, more of an index of all the top rated posts across reddit) called r/all (, also known as the front page of Reddit.

Is Reddit safer than Instagram?

Reddit is way way way way way better than Instagram for casual discussion, memes, fun, silly twating around and weirdly, awesome for science related questions. Granted, its not GitHub or stackoverflow. But Redditors are very friendly in answering quirky, witty and tricky questions.

Newly unveiled r/popular is the solution to that problem, which pulls from a larger range of sources. The posts still need to be highly upvoted to end up on r/popular. When users log in, theyll continue to be taken to a front page that shows them whats happening in the subreddits theyre subscribed to.

Is R all front page?

Reddit — the self-described “front page of the internet” — has changed its front page. Rather than the top stories from 50 curated subreddits, visitors to the site will now see popular stories from across the site, on a new homepage the company has appropriately named r/popular.

What is R and R Urban Dictionary?

R & R is an abbreviation for rest and recreation. R & R is an abbreviation for rest and recuperation.

What does R mean in history?

Historiography. In historiography, r. can be used to designate the ruling period of a person in dynastic power, to distinguish from his or her lifespan.

What is the R character?

CR (character : /r, Unicode : U+000D, ASCII : 13, hex : 0x0d) : This is simply the r character. This character is commonly known as Carriage Return. As matter of fact, /r has also has a different meaning. In older printers, /r meant moving the print head back to the start of line and /n meant starting a new line.

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