Question: Who are the people that Boity Thulo has dated?

What does Boity Thulo do for a living?

Actor ModelRapperTV PersonalityEntrepreneur Boity Thulo/Professions

Where is Max maponyane?

Maponyane hails from Meadowlands in Soweto. He is currently an analyst at SABC and was South Africas analyst during the FIFA World Cup in 2006. He is also the Sales Executive at Adidas South Africa.

Who is the king of hip-hop in South Africa?

Kwesta Rapper Kwesta. Local rapper Kwesta ended the year with a big bang on Wednesday night after he was crowned the king of the SA Hip-Hop Awards. He scooped six awards, including Song of the Year, Best Video, and Best Collabo for his track Spirit with American rapper Wale.

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