Question: Why is the Shroud of Turin still a mystery?

Sadly, there is one principle reason why the the Shroud is still questioned: an 1988 carbon dating performed by three reputable labs (from Oxford, Zurich, and Arizona) that disproved that the Shroud was the burial cloth of Christ.

Why is the Shroud of Turin a historical mystery?

The Historical Background of the Shroud Around 1389, the bishop of Troyes, France, Pierre dArcis, sent a message to Pope Clement VII, saying that the shroud was a fake and that an artist had confessed to forging it. In 1578, the shroud finally made its way to its current home in Turin, Italy.

Is the Shroud of Turin a miracle?

“One could look at hypotheses outside the realm of science, a sort of miracle,” says Di Lazzaro. “But a miracle cannot be investigated by the scientific method.” A life-size reproduction of the shroud at a Turin museum has been photographically enhanced. The actual image appears as faint as an apparition.

Why is the Shroud of Turin important?

The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot linen cloth bearing an image of a crucified man that has become a popular Catholic icon. For some, it is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Christ. For others, it is a religious icon reflecting the story of the Christ, not necessarily the original shroud.

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