Question: How do I find like-minded people in London?

How do I find people I like-minded in my area?

Heres how to meet people with similar interests:Always look for ways to meet people recurringly.Go to and see what interests you.Join local interest-based groups on Facebook.Start your own group and advertise it on Meetup.Join extracurricular activities.Join physical meetups.More items •Jun 21, 2019

How can I find new friends in London?

How To Make Friends In London- 10 WaysMove into a house share.Use Facebook groups.Connect with old acquaintances.Volunteer locally.Join clubs or groups that interest you.Take up a new hobby.Join a fitness class or sports team.Use friendship apps.More items •Jun 14, 2020

Where can I find like-minded people online?

And another 5 apps that will help you find like-minded peopleClubhouse. This quite new app has the intention of bringing people together only by listening and talking - everything based on voices. OneRoof. Bumble. Couchsurfing. Tinder.

Is it difficult to make friends in UK?

Making new friends is never easy, especially when you do not share the same language and the same culture. But do not worry, making British friends is not as difficult as you think.

Where can I find people with same interest?

Here are seven sites and apps, from online groups for shared interests to hobby apps, that help you connect with people with the same interests.MeetUp (Web, iOS, Android)Vingle (Web, iOS, Android) Patook (Web, iOS, Android) We3 (iOS, Android)Bumble BFF (iOS, Android) MeetMe (iOS, Android) Hobify (iOS, Android)May 13, 2021

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