Question: What do gypsies call non-travellers?

Who knew that gypsies call non-travellers by the endearing term “gorgers”, which apparently is a disparaging swipe at the masses who live in houses and over-consume, and that the cross-pollination between gypsies and non-gypsies is not only frowned upon, but is — like in so many religions — considered heretic.

What do you call non Travellers?

The Romani people—also known as the Romany, Roma, or Travelers—are a nomadic ethnic group with populations in Europe, Asia, and North America. They form a very tight-knit community, so its no surprise that they have a term for outsiders: gorger.

What is the gypsy word for non Gypsy?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Romani culture, a gadjo (feminine: gadji) is a person who has no Romanipen. This usually corresponds to not being an ethnic Romani, but it can also be an ethnic Romani who does not live within Romani culture.

What is a Diddicoy?

didicoy in British English or diddicoy (ˈdɪdɪˌkɔɪ ) or didakai (ˈdɪdəˌkaɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -coys or -kais. (in Britain) one of a group of caravan-dwelling roadside people who are not true Roma. Collins English Dictionary.

What does Gorga mean in Gypsy?

For those who do not know Gorga means non-Roma~Gypsy.

What does wee stand for?

WEEAcronymDefinitionWEEWestern Equine EncephalitisWEEWork Experience Education (vocational education program; California)WEEWorst Enemy EverWEEWorst Episode Ever (television series)4 more rows

What do Pikeys mean?

/ (ˈpaɪkɪ) / noun British slang, derogatory. a gypsy or vagrant. a member of the underclass.

What does the term www stand for?

Stands for World Wide Web. It is important to know that this is not a synonym for the Internet. The World Wide Web, or just the Web, as ordinary people call it, is a subset of the Internet.

What is WEF full form?

WEF – With Effect From WEF stands for with effect from and is used to indicate the start date of some application. This is also used to denote to mean changes in prices from the aforementioned date. It is normally used in legal and business matters.

What language do Pikeys speak?

SheltaNative toIreland, by Irish Travellers, also spoken by Irish Traveller diasporaRegionSpoken by Irish TravellersNative speakers(90,000 cited 1992)Language familyIndo-European Celtic, Germanic (mixed language) Shelta9 more rows

Whats the difference between a Traveller and a Gypsy?

Gypsies and Travellers are two distinct societies. While both are nomadic peoples, the two societies have totally different origins, culture, language, and physical profile. The Gypsies are generally found in Eastern Europe while the Travellers usually walk inside the territories of Ireland, UK, and the Americas.

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