Question: Where is hepatitis B mostly found?

The highest rates of chronic hepatitis B infection in the United States occur among foreign-born individuals, especially people born in Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Africa. Approximately 70% of cases in the United States are among people who were born outside of the United States.

Where is hepatitis B most commonly found in the world?

Hepatitis B occurs in nearly every part of the world but is more common in some countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

What countries have high risk of Hep B?

High-risk areassub-Saharan Africa.east and southeast Asia.the Pacific of South America.southern parts of eastern and central Europe.the Middle East.the Indian subcontinent.

Why is hepatitis B common in Africa?

There are various reasons why hepatitis B still prevails in Africa. This includes the lack of information about the virus transmission, inaccurate estimates of the diseases burden and insufficient vaccine coverage.

Who is most at risk of hepatitis B?

Although anyone can get hepatitis B, these people are at greater risk: Infants born to infected mothers. People who inject drugs or share needles, syringes, and other types of drug equipment. Sex partners of people with hepatitis B.

How common is hepatitis B in Africa?

Every day, more than 3600 people die of viral hepatitis-related liver disease, liver failure and liver cancer. In Africa, chronic viral hepatitis affects over 70 million Africans (60 million with hepatitis B and 10 million with hepatitis C).

Can I go abroad if I have hepatitis B?

Individuals will be deported if they are found to be positive for hepatitis B. An immigration policy may exist that appears to deny extended stay visas or work permits to people living with chronic hepatitis B, but you can challenge this with a letter and health report from your doctor.

How long can an hepatitis B patient live?

Among females, chronic liver disease represents a relatively higher proportion of liver-related deaths (Figure ​ 3). Among those aged 80 to 84 years, HCC carries the highest risk among both men and women .Life expectancy (years)Low68.478.1Middle71.880.1High74.381.3Noncarrier76.282.03 more rows

Can I infect my partner with hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is spread through direct contact with blood. HBV is also a sexually transmitted disease, so it is important to practice safe sex by using condoms throughout the duration of the vaccine series until the antibody titer test confirms that you are protected.

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