Question: Who is Marthas daughter?

What happened to Alexis Stewart?

Since having her children, Martha Stewarts daughter, Alexis Stewart, has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight. She is no longer a television or radio talk show host, and she seems pretty dedicated to family life.

How old is Alexis Stewart?

55 years (September 27, 1965) Alexis Stewart/Age

“Thats Kevin,” Mr. Sharkey is the executive vice president and executive design director of Martha Stewart Brand Management for Sequential Brands Group. Unofficially, he is her deputy in all things. Of her 94 books, she has a co-author on just one: last years “Marthas Flowers,” written with Mr.

How old is Martha Stewarts grandchildren?

On Saturday, the lifestyle expert turned 78 years old and had some very special guests on hand to help her celebrate. Stewarts grandchildren, Jude, 8, and Truman, 7, were right by her side as she prepared to blow out the candles on her glorious birthday cake.

Who is Kevin with Martha Stewart?

Kevin Sharkey Kevin Sharkey—today, the EVP and executive director of design for the Martha Stewart brands—began working for Martha in 1995. Since then, he has collaborated on countless projects for Martha Stewart Living, many of which have turned into some of the most memorable pieces in the magazines 30-year-long history.

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