Question: Is it safe to tell someone your zip code?

Of course, you typically dont have to give your zip code to a cashier. Last month, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that zip codes are personal information under state consumer privacy laws, after Melissa Tyler sued craft store Michaels for using her zip code to find her and send store mailings.

Is it dangerous to share your zip code?

Disclosing ZIP codes allows people [to] track their purchases. It creates a profile and that information can be shared with other companies and thats dangerous to have that information in one area, says lawyer Gene J. Stonebarger, whose lawsuit triggered the ruling.

Is it safe to reveal your zip code?

(Making you key it in serves as an added security measure to foil a thief who doesnt know the numbers.) But its usually unnecessary at brick-and-mortar stores, so just say no. And your ZIP code certainly shouldnt be posted on social media or other public websites.

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