Question: Who broke edges neck?

Darren Droz Drozdov, then 30 years old, was paralyzed during an in-ring injury in 1999. During a match with D-Lo Brown, a maneuver was botched and led to Droz fracturing two discs in his neck and following a surgery being deemed a quadriplegic.

How did Edge damage his neck?

Edge explained that he experienced a tingling sensation and heard a crack—a sound which he initially thought to be that of a ladder. He then received a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the ladder which further exacerbated his neck injury.

Who broke their neck in WWE and died?

Hart died on May 23, 1999, due to injuries following an equipment malfunction and fall from the rafters of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, during his ring entrance at the WWFs Over the Edge pay-per-view event.

How did Paige broke her neck?

At a house show on 27 December, Paige suffered another injury after taking a kick from Sasha Banks in a six-woman tag team match, thus forcing the referee to stop the match. She suffered an impact injury to the neck, keeping her from competing at the Royal Rumble.

What is wrong with WWE Edge?

Edge made an illustrious return to the ring at last years Royal Rumble following a nine-year retirement. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn triceps injury while filming his Backlash match with Randy Orton. The injury kept him out of action for seven months before Edge returned to the ring at the Royal Rumble.

Did Edge really have neck surgery?

As you may have heard, WWE icon Edge, real name Adam Copeland, underwent surgery for his neck recently. Copeland suffered a legitimate neck injury way back in 2003, which also required an operation. He would go on to compete for another eight years until the damage caught up with him.

Why is Paige not in WWE anymore?

Why did Paige stop wrestling? In 2016, the WWE revealed that Paige had to undergo neck surgery and would not be able to wrestle for an extended period of time. “Unfortunately due to neck injuries I can no longer perform as an in-ring competitor,” Paige told the WWE universe.

How much does Paige WWE make?

Paige Net worth, Income, WWE Career, Personal life and moreNameSaraya-Jade BevisNet Worth$3.5 millionSalary$250,000ResidenceLos Angeles, CaliforniaMarital StatusUnmarried3 more rows•Aug 26, 2021

Was Edge really hurt?

However, The Rated-R Superstar was forced to end his career early after sustaining a devastating injury. While fans already know that Edge retired due to a neck injury, many dont know just what caused the neck injury and how it slowly began to eat away at the career of the WWE legend.

What kind of neck surgery did John Cena have?

fusion surgery There was major concern Cena would need the dreaded fusion surgery that Edge, Steve Austin, and Chris Benoit had, but WWE Medical Program head Dr. Joseph Maroon simply removed a fragment from Cenas spinal cord that was blocking a nerve in a 90-minute operation.

Which WWE wrestler has most fans?

Top 10 most-followed WWE superstars On TwitterS.No.Account nameFollowing1Dwayne Johnson2922John Cena170.5K3Triple H314Randy Orton6146 more rows•Feb 5, 2021

Can Paige ever wrestle again?

Three years after announcing her retirement, Paige has revealed she wants to wrestle again one day. Speaking on Renee Paquettes Oral Sessions podcast, Paige said she has been inspired by Bryan and Edges success. While she does not expect to return in the near future, the Brit confirmed she wants to make a comeback.

Who is the wife of Edge?

Beth Phoenixm. 2016 Lisa Ortizm. 2004–2005Alannah Morleym. 2001–2004 Edge/Wife

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