Question: How good is Vida select?

VIDA is an excellent service My matchmaker, Tanzy, was excellent! From the initial interview call, to setting up profiles, to sending candidates for my approval, she was there every step of the way. The main thing, though, was her positive and encouraging attitude. You simply will not find a better matchmaker than her.

Is Vida Select real?

Busy people are outsourcing their flirting to a company called Vida Select. Vida Select is the brainchild of entrepreneur Scott Valdez who says he got the idea after hiring a writer to do his online flirting for him while he was working 60 or 70 hours a week at a startup. The approach had really good results, he says.

What is Vida matchmaking?

VIDA Select is a modern matchmaking experience. It does match its clients with one another like a traditional service, but it also gets them set up on two to four dating apps. “With todays modern technologies, especially in a COVID world, online is just the most common way for people to meet.

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