Question: Is Whatsapp banned in Thailand?

How many Whatsapp users in Thailand?

For instance, even though the app is ubiquitous among the Dutch, its only an 87% share of the Netherlands population ( 17.1 million) which makes up a fraction of WhatsApps user base .The worlds biggest WhatsApp user bases.CountryNumber of WhatsApp users (millions)Thailand28South Africa27Saudi Arabia24.212 more rows

The service originated in Japan, where its makers designed a distinctive chat environment based heavily around stickers. These stickers proved to be wildly popular in Thailand, where users found them to be a fantastic way to express their emotions.

Will my cell phone work in Thailand?

It is very easy to get a SIM card for your cell phone in Thailand. Really all you need to do before you arrive in Thailand is make sure that your phone is unlocked (able to work outside of the network you are currently using) and operates on the GSM network.

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