Question: Why did Sabrina Bryan change her name?

Sabrina Bryan from the popular trio The Cheetah Girls is of Hispanic descent! The stunning 22-year-old recently confessed her real last name is Hinojosa and she changed it to Bryan to honor the name of her little brother, who died as an infant due to a cardiac condition.

What happened to Sabrina Bryan?

What is Sabrina Bryan up to now? Sabrina landed some more roles after her time in the Cheetah Girls ended. She went on to act in Help Me, Help You, Fish Hooks, I Think My Babysitters an Alien, A Deadly Dance and more. She also competed on Season 5 and Season 15 of Dancing With the Stars.

Where did Sabrina Bryan go to college?

Chapman University Sabrina Bryan/College Sabrina Bryan and dance partner Louis van Amstel are dancing for the big win on ABCs hit show, Dancing with the Stars. Tune in to watch Chapman University alumna Sabrina Bryan 07 on ABCs Dancing with the Stars every Monday at 8 p.m. this season.

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